Sunday, August 31, 2014

Funeral of Chris Holland - 29 August

On 29 August, we danced at the funeral of our member, Chris Holland. 

Chris danced with London Pride from the 1990s and was loved and respected by us all.

The funeral was at St Michael and All Angels where Chris worshipped. The church was packed with his friends, and we heard some of his last words, written while he waited for surgery.

If there is Morris dancing in heaven, the vicar said, Chris would be dancing a jig there now.

During the service, Richard Wyber danced a jig, and we heard Chris's favourite poems.

Eight of us led the congregation to the Blackheath Halls which were quickly alive with conversation,

Along with a keen mind, one of Chris's gifts was the ability to make an occasion happen, without having to hog the limelight - and it seemed he'd done this one more time.

We danced on the stage of the recital room while people talked, and Chris's wife Maggie joined us for the traditional farewell dance, Bonnie Green Garters.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ad Hoc Music Practice and Dance in Soho


A cancelled tour with Sharp Morris left us at a loose end in Soho. Naturally we had a music practice and a bit of a dance.  With some audience participation. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Croydon Night Of Dance 2014

The tenth Croydon Night of Dance featured a great set of sides including St Alban's, Rampant Rooster, Wild Hunt Bedlam Morris, Northwood Morris, the very famous Blackheath Morris Men, Steampunk Morris, The Belles of London City, Ravensbourne Morris, Old Palace Clog and of course ourselves!

This was a truly momentous night, with more dancing than you could shake a stick - in fact many many sticks - at.

All rustled up by James Denny, with a fine welcome from the Builders Arms and the Glamorgan.

Pictures below...

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Upcoming event: Phoenix Garden Agricultural Show

We've had a flyer sent us for the Phoenix Garden Agricultural show - it's in the shadow of Centrepoint but a world away!
More details about the Phoenix Garden at

Best Morris Dancers Ever!

Some fan art from our Westminster Abbey show: