Monday, December 09, 2013

More From The Feast

 A couple more photos to add from the Feast....

First, the officers running a serious AGM, all wondering how long till we can get dancing, and to the pub.

At the pub, there seemed to be more phones in evidence than instruments. 

A compression of squeezeboxes

Peter K's hurdygyurdy lessons were much appreciated... 
Hilary Blanford was our guest

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Annual Morris and Feast

We always have our feast the first Saturday in December' We were at Holy Cross Crypt near Kings Cross.

New man Richard danced himself into the side with a fool's jig:

there was some dancing overseen by our Beast, Myrtle, then we went off to the Harrison in Harrison St
We were tempted to do a couple of dances there too, and also played a bit inside. 

Lovely food there, very reasonable. Big plus to them for seeing my hurdy gurdy and selecting the music while we had our meal - I think I heard Blowzabella and Woodrose

what we did in 2013

We had our annual morris and feast yesterday - its always the first Saturday in December.
part of that was looking back over the year:

1 Feb Winchester Morris Men's Day of Dance
21 Feb Hyundai Hyundai regional sales conference
23 Apr St George's Day Gt Ordmond St Hospital Rugby Tavern
9 May Birkbeck College Dancing for the psychology department
15 May Maida Vale Prince Alfred Warwick Castle
1 Jun Thaxted Morris Ring meeting
6 Jun Notting Hill Elephant and Castle Uxbridge Arms
11 Jun Camden The Albert The Spread Eagle
19 Jun Fitzrovia Duke of York Fitzroy Tavern
29 Jun Epping for Epping Quakers' garden party
2 Jul Chelsea Anglesea Arms Scarsdale Arms
18 Jul Kings Cross Norfolk Arms Rugby Tavern
20 Aug Croydon Night of Dance
1 Sep Angel Angel Canal Festival
8 Sep Gillespie Park Gillespie Park Fair
11 Sep Wesley Chapel  World Methodist Council
29 Sep Guildhall the Pearly Kings and Queens harvest festival
12 Nov Tate  Techno morris filming  for the Tate
16 Nov Westfield Stratford  Ten Lords-a-Leaping 
23 Nov Old Ale Festival The White Swan in Parsons Green
6 Dec Guerrilla Morris Tate Britain

It's been quite busy!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Morris Rave at the Tate

On 6 December, Late at the Tate, an evening show at Tate Britain featured Acid Brass, a project by artist Jeremy Deller and the Williams Fairey Brass Band. We were in a video to be shown during the evening. The video is below. Play it loud, and full screen.

But what does it all mean? We certainly didn't know.

Deller is a Turner-winning artist, who is known for using the Sealed Knot for his re-enactment of the Battle of Orgreave, between striking miners and policemen. Acid Brass is another collaborative art project with a political twist, where he used a traditional brass band to reproduce acid house anthems.

This isn't as disconnected as you might think. If it had a "message", it was that brass bands and acid house are associated with the industrial decline of the North. Meanwhile, the brass band got into the idea of playing this repetitive music, playing it with their usual attention to their craft, and pleasing large crowds.

We didn't get any of that. We were sent a link to a piece of Deller's art - a flow chart which is on the wall at the Tate.

This didn't instantly grab us as a piece of art. Even knowing more about the Acid Brass project, it looks like a somewhat forced effort to make some gallery-fodder out of the project, something that can be put on a wall at the Tate.

Whatever, we were told that to celebrate this piece of art, Tate was commissioning some videos, and they wanted us to transform from Morris dancing to rave dancers. We showed up in the Clore wing of the Tate to spend a very long evening filming.

We were disappointed we never got to wear our bells or play our own instruments for use in the video, but the director had his ideas worked out already. We were invited to come back on the night and see the film.

On the night, Peter K and I found Tate Britain filling with slightly grim looking revellers. There was loud and music playing in various places (none of it sounding very interesting to me). We found where our film was showing, and helped the technician set it up. It was on with a very amusing film Summers of Love which uses the Chapman Brothers artwork in the Tate to animate some old acid house news footage.

The video was played quietly enough that we could dance in front of it. One rather relaxed girl was trying to encourage this sort of thing, and everyone else seemed happy with it. We strolled about the gallery, playing tunes and jigging anywhere where there seemed to be an audience.

Looking a little lost? Yes we probably were. People seemed to like what we were up to, and we certainly enjoyed a bit of guerilla Morris.

We failed to fight our way into the area for the actual Acid Brass performance (something I now regret).

We went back to watch our video with John Monson who arrived, and then went home.

We weren't booked to dance at the evening, but were only challenged once by Tate staff. We said we were in the video, and that made it all right.

We were also wearing our own T-shirts. Our own flow-chart which is a tangential homage to Deller and the whole confused cultural process.

Peter Judge 


there's lots more stuff on our Facebook page recently - so check there as well!
At some point I'll consolidate them:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ten Lords A Leaping - Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford

Some of just joined a scratch side Morris Supergroup to help Dick and Dom turn on the Christmas lights at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.  They wanted Ten Lords a Leaping in a procession of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and James Denny provided Ten Lords Morris - comprising some London Pride, some Spring Grove and Michelle from the Belles of London City
Ten Lords could return if a suitable opportunity presents itself!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Filming at the Tate

On 12 November we were invited to film at the Tate Gallery. We were put into "rave" gear and became part of a film for the Jeremy Deller Late at Tate event in December.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Pearly Kings Harvest Festival, 29 September

For something like the third year, we joined the Pearly Kings and Queens, along with a couple of other Morris dieds(and sundry other people) at their Harvest Festival, starting in the Guildhall Square. 

There  was a Pearly Taxi

The Kings and Queens of course

Here's our new dancer, Ruchard!

And we met the drummers from the Olympics opening ceremony 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wesley's Chapel, 11 September

We danced at Wesley's Chapel. This turned out to be for the World Methodist Council meeting. Delegates from more than 60 countries were being entertained with a "British" evening. We followed a piper, and entertained the delgates while they queued for  fish and chips in the churchyard.

We then moved inside for more of the same, with some of the delegates joining in. We also met the Mayor of Islington for the third time in the last fortnight.
No photos of us dancing as we were busy dancing. However, the Chapel does have a splendidly preserved Gentlemen's lavatory from 1899 by Thomas Crapper, so let's have a couple of photos of that... 

And finalllyl, our host, John Wesley himself. We danced close to his tomb, but we can assure you we were not actually dancing on his grave. 

Monday, September 09, 2013

Gillespie Park 8 September

As usual, a lovely day at Gillespie Park. We danced at the children's area, looked at the stalls, and then did our usual "pop up" spot in the windmill field.... 

Here are two more photos form a batch of four posted by Judith Hibbert on the Gillespie Park Facebook page


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Angel Canal Festival, 1 September

A fine day for the Canal Festival, with plenty of dancing through the day. 
Most of these pictures are by Kitty.