Tuesday, April 24, 2007

St George's Day at No.77

We had a very pleasant St George's Day evening at the No 77 Wine Bar & Restaurant
(in Mill Lane, West Hampstead)

courtesy of Jensen, dressed up as St George, and an appreciative audience

Excellent food too!

Desperately Seeking Morris

Our last practices of the spring were enlivened by Roland John-Leopoldie and Christian (sorry I don't know your surname Chrisitan) joining us.
He's doing a 10 minute film entiltled "Desperately Seeking Morris" starring Christian, as an African professor coming to England to research Morris Dancing.

We're the dream sequence where he finds us... We spent an evening dancing the Bampton Sidestep with Christian while Roland filmed us. Now we're looking forward to seeing the film!

Some of Roland's stuff is here