Friday, May 23, 2008

Highbury Tour - a lesson in calendar management

... for me
I'd done a first draft of the programme, then Allan pointed out that Thursday 22nd May was the same as the LP country dance evening. I seem to have just changed the "Thursday" to "Tuesday" and forgot the date. When Antony pointed out that there wasn't a Tuesday 22nd I looked in my calendar, where I had it down as Thursday, and though I must have meant the Thursday.

So it's probably my fault that not many men came along...

The photo is of Ezra warming up by bouncing a ball against the Compton Arms.
However he did treat the audience to a double jig with Allan, and Allan did a Princess Royal Jig too

Peter Judge joined us down at the Marquess Tavern, and we found a surprising number of dances that we could dance with 3 dancers, and either Peter on concertina or myself on recorder.
No photos of that I'm afraid as hands were busy.

A pleasant audience, and we enjoyed the evening, so all was not in vain.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cecil Sharp House May Fair, Part II

Liz Hall, the Chair of the Friends of Cecil Sharp House, took these photos. Thanks Liz!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cecil Sharp House May Fair, 17 May

We met a London Pride Jig Doll

Enjoyed the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

And took part in the May festitivities.

Kitty danced her first jig in public - but don't call her a jig doll!
No photos of the morris or other dancing yet...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warm up act for Danny and the Champions

A very pleasant evening, dancing at the Betsy Trotwood pub in Clerkenwell, as guests of Danny and the Champions of the World (Myspace preview here), and then listening to the bands.

Comparing accordion playing styles:

and crashing out in the cellars listening to music:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some more photos from Kew Gardens

Woodland Wonders in Kew

Last year's Woodland Wonders at Kew were a bit of a wash-out, weather-wise, but we enjoyed them. This year, there was sunshine and big audiences with lots of children.

No photos of the whole side dancing, as my camera hand was busy

We had plenty of dancers, and Kitty and Hannah both performed.

Kitty joined in the maypole dancing.

Circulus were there again. Well worth checking out their Myspace page for medieval hippy music.

And there was a zipwire!

One small thing we could improve for next year: a volunteer to bring beer!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

London Pride in Bronze...

I've passed this statue a million times, and never noticed the title.

We're pleased sculptor Frank Dobson decided to commemorate us

but he appears to have forgotten our hats and other regalia (and presciently sculpted women)

Mayday 2008 part 2 - dancing with Leaves

This year, the Deptford Jack progressed along the Thames between London Bridge and Waterloo. Peter K, Peter J. Ezra and Kitty joined in - catching up with the Jack just before Shakespeare's Globe.

We carried on to the Founders Arms, and then past Gabriel's Wharf

and on to the Bull Ring roundabout where -

the Jack took a sudden turn, under a railway arch and through a narrow doorway, into the Leaky Cauldron - sorry, the Hole in the Wall pub, but it all looked a bit Harry Potter to us.

Mayday 2008 part 1 - Dancing with Bees

This year, before we joined the Deptford Jack in the Green, Peter K, Peter J, Ezra and Kitty had an appointment with some bees.

On the roof of the Royal Festival Hall, is the Royal Festival Hive an experiment in keeping bees in a very urban environment, and part of a campaign to alert us all to the danger our bee population faces from disease and pollution.

We were invited along to dance for the bees, and produced a couple of jigs.

Myrtle enjoyed being on the roof of the Hall, and

Peter K and Kitty both got to taste the Royal Festival Honey

Photos mostly by Rebecca Fielding.