Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angel Canal Festival

the Angel Canal festival has become a regular in our programme - all sorts of odd bands and music and funfairs etc.

just deciding what to dance...

Pheonix Gardens agricultural show

We danced for the wonderful Pheonix Garden Agricultural Show

We danced in the church yard of St Giles, you would not imagine that we were in the centre of London and next to Centrepoint and Oxford Street.
The garden is beautiful, with banana plants even.
the gardener's blog is here

I was sent some photos of us dancing by Rory O'Callaghan:

Myrtle had special dispensation to attend the show as she is a very well-behaved morris beast and had her bells on. She used a rustic lead for the occasion
Checking out the bells in the belfry

The bunting was all made by the committee, and there were cakes on sale from the West End WI, local honey, fancy pigeons, bell ringing, farm animals from Surrey Docks... all very countrified