Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Feast, 1 December, Parson's Green

Among the highlights of the Feast was Jeremy re-enacting Kemp's Jig, as performed (probably) during the Nine Daies Wonder in 1600. The dance was performed in front of a plaque warning against just this sort of unruly behaviour. 

We had 11 of us, so were able to put on some good dancing, in between drinking tea and beer, and eating.

The AGM resolved that side should continue on its merry way.

Old Ale Festival, White Horse, Parsons Green 24 November

We danced at the Old Ale Festival at the White Horse in Parson's Green, for the second year. 

No photos I can find, but we had a good show and enjoyed the beer. 

The Pearlies

We performed at the Pearly Kings and Queens' Harvest Festival at the Guild Hall on 30 September. 

There were plenty of eccentric people to see

The camera loves Allan
There were Morris dancers of all sizes////
What sort of a uniform is that??

Some sides had beasts....

Our beast was favourite 

Gillespie Park , Islington

Once again we visited Gillespie Park Ecology Centre  in Islington.
A lovely sunny day, and enough dancers for some good shows.

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We met Bob Ross's grand-daughter...

.. demonsttrated wind-powered morris

 // and creative anachronism...