Monday, September 04, 2006

Would you trust this woman with your bells?

This is Holly Davies, from the Prince's Trust.

Look at her bag -- she is carrying ALL our bells.

Apparently, she's persuaded a group from her office to learn Morris and put on a public performance for charity, this Thursday at Cecil Sharpe House.

Either that or she's just stolen the bells of an entire Morris side for a dare... we'd better make sure there's at least one of us at the show on Thursday, just to make sure.

It's all for charity - helping disadvantage youth (which is what the Prince's Trust does).

It's therefore firmly in the revived Morris tradition. As we all know, Mary Neal started the revival with a side of disadvantaged girls in London. And here they, are, courtesy of New Esperance.

Holly caught us as we finished up another successful but exhausting Canal Festival outing - our third year at an excellent festival.

As usual, my photos are just of cute baby owls. Oh, and some dejected men, stripped of their bells. Luckily, Peter's done us proud - see below.

Oh yes, and anyone else want to challenge the Islington Boat Club to a canoe race next year?

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Peter Kanssen said...

I like the idea of the boat race