Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Second Bloomsbury tour

Hot on the heels of the Ecology centre, another visit to Bloomsbury.
We went back to the Queens Larder and danced for the tourists and people eating out, and for possible new member Chris.

Then off to McGlynns, a quiet pub in a side street.
Perhaps just a bit too quiet...
We were joined for the second dance by loads of kids who just appeared from nowhere and joined in, then ran off almost as quickly.
And then, ironically we were asked by a local to be quiet as he had just put the baby to sleep. Just as we were about to do what would have been quite a noisy stick dance.
So we did dance it, but ...v.e.r.y...q.u.i.e.t.l.y.... very gentle taps of sticks...

And then we called it a day and enjoyed the pleasant evening air.
Another neighbour, coming by told us that there were more morris dancers due on Wednesday, so maybe baby will need ear plugs

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