Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Strike the sticks quietly at McGlynn's

No pictures of the men this time. With only seven men, no one had a spare hand to take them.

The Queen's Larder was, as usual, busy but indifferent, with more enthusiasm from the diners outside the restaurant next door. We persuaded a French lady to join in Bonny Green Garters. She looked surprised.

Two dances into a show at McGlynn's, we were asked to stop by a man whose children were trying to sleep.

What made this more ironic, is we'd only just said goodbye to some very high-spirited and intrusive children who should have been in bed long before. Since those kids were the only audience we'd got, we tried to involve them - but their parents called them away for some reason.

Anyway. after we got the request to stop, we finished the dance we were about to do - a graceful and subdued Balance the Straw to Jeremy's muted but soulful sax.

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