Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Venison, pheasant or lamb?

    • Michael R has the urge to cook, and I certainly approve. He's thinking of a stew, perhaps lamb, venison with chestnuts, or pheasant. The hall oven is on the blink so it looks like we're cooking on a motley assortnemtn of gas burners. This implies mashed potatoes and maybe Brussels sprouts.

    • Peter has paid for the hall all day on 3 December, the day's programme will be as usual

    • Any thoughts on a guest? One suggestion was to invite Richard Lewis, author of The Magic Spring, that we met on ITV's This Morning but he's based in France, so other suggestions welcome...

    • The cost will be £12 as that's what we charged last year and we're fairly flush - thanks in part to ITV's This Morning.

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