Thursday, October 06, 2005

12 Sept 2005: The Queen's Larder

The audience at the Queen's Larder were less friendly than they have been, and apparently the new landlady is not yet aware of the vast asset that our twice-yearly visits represent (Lynette put her straight on that).

Still with an excellent turn-out (everyone shows for the last dance of the season), we danced to moderate enthusiasm crossed with indifference from a rapidly changing crowd.

The second stand at the Nofolk Arms was a much better event. As usual, there was almost no one about in Leigh Street, which looks a bit bleak and forbidding, but people who actually live there materialised as if by magic.

A chap who's seen uas there before was enthusiastic, to the point of almost volunteering to come to practices. Other people asked about the meaning of it all. Visitors from other countries joined in (I can't remember where they were from though).

We celebrated the Ashes win, of course, with a "balance the straw" danced to Waltzing Matilda. I don't go in for this sort of jingoistic hollering as a rule, but could see the attraction of singing "Who won the ashes? We won the ashes! La lalala lalala lalala."

Another lady told us it was the first time she'd been cheerful for a year - which somehow makes it all worthwhile.

There was food too, courtesy of Allan visiting Tesco.

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