Friday, July 18, 2014

17 July: King's Cross

We started the evening at the Rugby Tavern, a pub-restaurant which looks a lovely place to eat, but is now so "gastro" that some of us had trouble buying a drink without a seat reservation.
With only four of us, things looked grim, till we were rescued by our audience. Flora from Sharp Morris. showed up in sandals expecting to watch, but willingly filled up a short side of four, and put up with our dancing - very slovenly compared with the crisp style of Sharp Morris, who dance under the masterful John Russell. If you can't make our Tuesday Practice, you should get to Sharp Morris at Cecil Sharp House!

With the dancing, the venue came to life. Locals came out to cheer us on, and the pub clientele applauded. 

Then on to the Rugby Tavern, with Flora still on board, and gathering up a couple more audience on the way - visiting form Nottingham. 
The Rugby is always good, with friendly locals (and usually a group of street cleaners passing as they stop work for the night), and a couple of pints of Whitstable Bay.... 

Highlights of the dancing were Flora carefully doing our Bampton Sidestep - going straight up, not at an angle - and us attempting to match the elegant bow in her displays for Dearest Dickie. There is always more to learn! 

Thanks again for joining us Flora - you're a Morris angel!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting me dance with you, and for teaching me new dances! I had great fun - hope I didn't mess it up too much. Always interesting to see how different sides do things, and you certainly weren't slovenly!