Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angel Festival


4th September [Peter J writes...]
Dancing by the canal, for the umpteenth year.

We had enough men to dance, and performed spots in several locations. We started at the Plaza, off City Road, then danced on the towpath, and at the Prince of Wales pub as well as on the lock island,

As usual, my photos are off my phone, and tend to be of jigs not dancing, owing to not being able to do two things at once.

Peter played Barry's hurdy gurdy for Nick's jig.

Getting across to the lock island was an adventure, especially if carrying Myrtle...

But the view was nice, and the space was just wide enough for some careful jigs.


Peter Kanssen said...

I took the liberty of colour-correcting Peter J's photos

Peter Judge said...

Thank you Peter - they are so much better.

I have got to get to grips with Photoshop or equivalent...