Monday, July 16, 2012

Chelsea, 10 July

We danced at the Anglesea Arms, Selwood Terrace, and then at The Scarsdale Tavern, Edwardes Square.

I don't have pictures form the Anglesea Arms - the usual moderately interested crowd - and I don't have pictures of the whole side dancing. Here are a couple of Nick dancing, and Peter playing, the Nutting Girl. 

We had an interesting talk after the dancing with a resident, who told us how Edwardes Square was the place where rampant over-development was first resisted in 1812, leading to the formation and preservation of this and other London squares.  Apparently Lord Kensington picked a Frenchman, Louis Léon Changeur, to do the redevelopment, and that wasn't very politically astute in those times... 

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