Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morris and Feast 2010

A while ago... but I'm getting up to date.
London Pride always has it's annual feast on the first Saturday of December
2010 was no exception
we also combine it with our AGM and a bit of dancing.
I'm sure there must a have been some suggestion that an up-to-date blog might have been a good idea. and something about Facebook??
Barry's arm got twisted to being joint bagman, and Jeremy's into being joint squire. all seems to have worked so far (5 months later). I'm quite relieved not to be doing all the chasing etc. and Barry's excelling at it...

But then back to the dancing which is more fun than AGMing

We were dancing in the Primrose Hill Community Centre. for our feast we dance for ourselves. in kit. so it's possibly the same idea as an American convention ( not that I've ever been to one)

After dancing we broke with the last few year's tradition by going for a meal in a pub, the Prince Albert where we often go after our practices. (For a number of years we self catered! - quite handsomely). It went down very nicely and we toasted absent friends, the Queen and the immortal memory of Cecil Sharp, which we traditionally toast with a loving cup of wine and spices secret recipe passed down from times immoral,  passed around in a Mazer made for us in the 1960's with ancient rituals of guarding the drinker from attack.

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