Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thaxted Ring Meeting 2007

It's 80 years since Conrad Noel, the vicar of Thaxted, encouraged the formation of the Thaxted Morris Men. He turns out to have been quite a colourful character

We had more than a complete side, and enjoyed touring the countryside, the feast, dancing at the Guildhall and (as above, over the door of the pub we were visiting) disobeying "keep out" notices!
The sermon on Sunday was about David dancing naked in front of the ark of the covenant, followed by a warning that whilst Morris dancing was welcome in the town, we should keep our clothes on...

It's also 60 years that they've been doing the mystical Abbots Bromley Horn Dance:

(rather shakily filmed in 2006)


Insurance said...

Nice tradition

Peter Judge said...

And Allan got his picture in the Guardian on Saturday!

They used a picture from a previous year, to illustrate an item on Thaxted in a supplement of walks.

It's a nice picture, with someone from the Ministry of Morris (Westminster) in the forground, and Allan clearly visible - wearing Cambridge kit.

Simon Threlfall is also there.